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Volume 24 Issue 3 September (2013)



Bulent Cavas

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The effect of learning the history of physics on the scientific epistemological beliefs of pre-service teachers
Zafer Tanel

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An examination of preservice primary teachers’ written arguments in an open inquiry laboratory task
Christine V. McDonald

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The role of investigations in promoting inquiry-based science education in Ireland
Declan Kennedy

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Legitimate peripheral participation of pre-service science teachers: Collaborative reflections in an online community of practice, Twitter
Minkee Kim, Bulent Cavas

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Risk communication about nuclear power in Korea: One-year descriptive analysis on Twitter
Minkee Kim

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Observational investigation of student problem solving: The role and importance of habits
Ozcan Gulacar, Charles R. Bowman, Debra A. Feakes

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Narratives of place: Provisional teachers’ experiences in science
Steven S. Sexton, Joy Atkinson, Richard Goodson

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