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Volume 25 Issue 1 March (2014)


Baohui Zhang, Yasemin Özdem

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Active and Peer Learning in STEM Education Strategy
A. J. Rissanen

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IBSE and Creativity Development
E. Trnova

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IBSE and Gifted Students
J. Trna

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Raising Standards through INQUIRE in Pre-Service Teacher Education
D. Elster, T. Barendziak, F. Haskamp, L. Kastenholz

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Balancing the Needs between Training for Future Scientists and Broader Societal Needs- SECURE Project Research on Mathematics, Science and Technology Curricula and Their Implementation
D. Sokolowska, J. de Meyere, E. Folmer, B. Rovsek, W. Peeters

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First-Year Students' Priorities and Choices in STEM Studies- IRIS Findings from Germany and Austria
D. Elster

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Intensifying Innovation Adoption in Educational eHealth
M. K. Rissanen

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Preparing Elementary and Secondary Pre-Service Teachers for Everyday Science
M. Evagorou, D. Guven, E. Mugaloglu

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Science Camps in Europe- Collaboration with Companies and School, Implications and Results on Scientific Literacy
M. Lindner, C. Kubat, Consortium of the Comenius Network SciCamp

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Environmental Education through Inquiry and Technology
V. Markaki

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Beyond Nature of Science: The Case for Reconceptualising 'Science' for Science Education
S. Erduran

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Assessment of Inquiry Skills in the SAILS Project
C. Harrison

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Does Artificial Tutoring Foster Inquiry Based Learning?
A. Schmoelz, C. Swertz, A. Forstner, A. Barberi

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