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Volume 25 Issue 3 September (2014)


Baohui Zhang

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Engaging Students in STEM Education
T. J. Kennedy, M. R. L. Odell

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Neighbourhood Analysis to Foster Meaningful Learning Using Concept Mapping in Science Education
P. R. M. Correia, C. A. T. Cucito

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Influence of Computer-Assisted Roundhouse Diagrams on High School 9th Grade Students' Understanding the Subjects of 'Force and Motion'
F. Kocakaya, S. Gönen

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An Evaluation of the Pattern between Students' Motivation, Learning Strategies and Their Epistemological Beliefs: The Mediator Role of Motivation
Ş. Şen, A. Yılmaz, H. Yurdugül

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'That's not the way I was taught science at school!' How Pre-service Primary Teachers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates are Affected by Their Own Schooling Experiences
M. Dickson, H. Kadbey

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