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Volume 25 Issue 2 Special Issue (2014)


Jack Holbrook

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Identifying teacher needs for promoting Education through Science as a paradigm shift in Science Education
J. Holbrook, M. Rannikmae, A. Valdmann

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Finnish Science Teachers’ Views on the Three Stage Model
K. Sormunen, T. Keinonen, J. Holbrook

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Developing in-service science teachers’ ownership of the PROFILES pedagogical framework through a technology-supported participatory design approach to professional development
E. A. Kyza, Y. Georgiou

Full Text: PDF Size (415 KB)

The PROFILES Project Promoting Science Teaching in a Foreign Language
B. Blanchard, V. Masserot, J. Holbrook

Full Text: PDF Size (503 KB)

PROFILES Networks: Three International Examples
F. Rauch, M. Dulle, D. Namsone, G. Gorghiu

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