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Volume 24 Issue 4 December (2013)


Editorial: Innovating regional teachers and interdisciplinary science teaching
Bulent Cavas, Minkee Kim

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Turkish pre-service elementary science teachers' scientific literacy level and attitudes toward science
Pınar Huyuguzel Cavas, Yasemin Ozdem, Bulent Cavas, Jale Cakiroglu, Hamide Ertepinar

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Beating the language barrier in science education: In-service educators’ coping with slow learners in Mauritius
Mohun Cyparsade, Pritee Auckloo, Ismut Belath, Helina Dookhee, Navin Hurreeram

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How do high school science textbooks in Korea, Japan, and the U.S. explain bioaccumulation-related concepts?
Heung-Tae Kim, Jae Geun Kim

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In-service Turkish elementary and science teachers’ attitudes toward science and science teaching: A sample from Usak province
Lutfullah Turkmen

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Implementation of aquaponics in education: An assessment of challenges and solutions
Emily R. Hart, James B. Webb, Andy J. Danylchuk

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