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Volume 26 Issue 1 March (2015)


Jack Holbrook

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Personal Beliefs as Key Drivers in Identifying and Solving Seminal Problems: Lessons from Faraday, Maxwell, Kepler and Newton
I. S. Caleon, Ma. G. Lopez Wui, Ma. H. P. Regaya

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Examination of Science Learning Equity through Argumentation and Traditional Instruction Noting Differences in Socio-Economic Status
O. Acar

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Ensuring New Zealand's Future Prosperity: A Professional Learning Development Initiative to Bridge the Gap between Theory and Practice
I. Kennedy, P. Smith, S. S. Sexton

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The Effect of POGIL on Academic Performance and Academic Confidence
S. De Gale, L. N. Boisselle

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Identifying Estonian Stakeholder Views as the Bases for Designing Science Teachers’ in-Service Course which Support Promotion of Competence Based Curriculum Goals

A.Lauis, A. Post, M.Rannikmae

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Science Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes towards Distance Education

T. Kisla

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Investigating the Relationship between Pre-Service Teachers' Scientific Literacy, Environmental Literacy and Life-Long Learning Tendency  
D. Saribas

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