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Volume 26 Issue 2 June (2015)


Jack Holbrook

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Supporting Students in Learning with Multiple Representation to Improve Student Mental Models on Atomic Structure Concepts
Sunyono, L. Yuanita, M. Ibrahim

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Argentinean Students' and Teachers' Conceptions of Day and Night: Analysis in Relation to Astronomical Reference Systems
D. Galperin, A. Raviolo

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Using a Two-tier Test to Analyse Students' and Teachers' Alternative Concepts in Astronomy
U. Kanli

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Middle School Students' Views of Scientific Inquiry: An International Comparative Study
B. Senler

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Chemistry Teachers' Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Inquiry-based Instruction in Inclusive Chemistry Classrooms  
F. Mumba, A. Banda, V. M. Chabalengula, N. Dolenc

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Investigating the Factors that Influence Chemistry Teachers' Use of Curriculum Materials: The Case of China
B. Chen, B. Wei

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Assessing Pre-service Science Teachers' Understanding of Scientific Argumentation: What do They Know About Argumentation after Four Years of College Science?
M. Aydeniz, Z. Ozdilek

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Elementary School Students' Emotions When Exploring an Authentic Socio-Scientific Issue through the Use of Models
Chr. Th. Nicolaou, M. Evagorou, Chr. Lymbouridou

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