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Volume 26 Issue 4 December (2015)


Jack Holbrook, Baohui H. Zhang

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The Need for an International Geoscience School Syllabus: Its Development and Publication
C. King

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Comparing American and Chinese Students' Learning Progression on Carbon Cycling in Socio-Ecological systems
J. Chen, C.W. Anderson

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How Contextualized Learning Settings Enhance Meaningful Nature of Science Understanding
K. Bilican, J. Cakiroglu, C. Oztekin

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Effect of Programmed Instruction on Students' Attitude towards Structure of the Atom and the Periodic Table among Kenyan Secondary Schools
M.J. Wangila, W. Martin, M. Ronald

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A Critical Review: Connecting Nature of Science and Argumentation
Y. Soysal

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Effects of a Target-Task Problem-Solving Model on Senior Secondary School Students' Performance in Physics
A.O. Olaniyan, E. O. Omosewo

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Views of Middle School Students on Homework Assignments in Science Courses
I. Deveci, I. Onder

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Observations from Secondary School Classrooms in Trinidad and Tobago on Science Teachers' Use of Analogies
R. Maharaj-Sharma, A. Sharma

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Research Trends in Science Education International: A Content Analysis for the Last Five Years (2011-2015)
B. Cavas

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