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Volume 27 Issue 3 September (2016)



BaoHui  Zhang, Jack Holbrook

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An Examination of Prospective Elementary Science Teachers’ Perspective towards Socio-Scientific Argumentation

Ali Yiğit Kutluca, A Aydin

Full Text: PDF Size (197 KB)

The Application of School Science by Urban High School Youth through Problem-solving in Everyday Life

Wanja Gitari

Full Text: PDF Size (121 KB)

Implementation of Argument-Driven Inquiry in a General Chemistry Laboratory Course

Hakki Kadayifci, Ayseyalcin-Celik

Full Text: PDF Size (311 KB)

The Systemic Impacts of An Educational Project Conducted by One University in Partnership with Fifteen Organizations

João Alberto Arantes do Amaral, Claudia Henriquez Frazão

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Examining the Effect of Our World Exhibit on Student Visitors: A Science Center Case

Mehmet C. Ayar

Full Text: PDF Size (172 KB)

Educational Reforms and Implementation of Student-Centered Active Learning in Science at Secondary and University Levels in Qatar

Sheila Qureshi, Katherine L. Bradley, Venkat Rao Vishnumolakala, David F. Treagust, Daniel C. Southam, Mauro Mocerino, Joseph Ojeil

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