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Volume 28 Issue 4 Special Issue (2017)



Margus Pedaste - Guest Editor of Special Issue on the Ark of Inquiry Project

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Turning Teachers into Designers: The Case of the Ark of Inquiry

Bregje De Vries, Ilona Schouwenaars, Harry Stokhof

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Teachers from Instructors to Designers of Inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education: How Effective Inquiry-based Science Education Implementation can result in Innovative Teachers and Students

Alyssa Filippi, Dipali Agarwal

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Using Teachers’ Inquiry-oriented Curriculum Materials as a Means to Examine their Pedagogical Design Capacity and Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Inquiry-based Learning

Marios Papaevripidou, Maria Irakleous, Zacharias C. Zacharia

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Making Sense of Responsible Research and Innovation in Science Education through Inquiry-based Learning. Examples from the Field

Emanuele Bardone, Mirjam Burget, Katrin Saage, Maarja Taaler

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Teachers’ Experiences of an Inquiry Learning Training Course in Finland

Essi Ahokoski, Miikka Korventausta, Koen Veermans, Tomi Jaakkola

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Teachers’ Readiness to Use Inquiry-based Learning: An Investigation of Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy and Attitudes toward Inquiry-based Learning

Gerli Silm, Kai Tiitsaar, Margus Pedaste, Zacharias C Zacharia, Marios Papaevripidou

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