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Volume 23 Issue 4 December (2012)



Peter Gray (Guest Editor)

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Inquiry-based science education: A scenario on Zambia’s high school science curriculum

Vivien M. Chabalengula, Frackson Mumba

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Inquiry-based science education as multiple outcome interdisciplinary research and learning (MOIRL)

Allan Feldman, Angela Chapman, Vanessa Vernaza-Hernández, Dilek Ozalp, Fayez Alshehri

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Learning how to design a technology supported inquiry-based learning environment

Meral Hakverdi-Can, Duygu Sönmez

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Collaborating to improve inquiry-based teaching in elementary science and mathematics methods courses

Paula A. Magee, Ryan Flessner

Full Text: PDF Size (236 KB)

Metacognition as means to increase the effectiveness of inquiry-based science education

Kanesa D. Seraphin, Joanna Philippoff, Lauren Kaupp, Lisa M. Vallin

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Moving from structured to open inquiry: Challenges and limits

Michal Zion, Ruthy Mendelovici

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