Volume 25 Issue 4 December (2014)


Baohui H. Zhang, Yasemin Ozdem Yilmaz

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The Impact of Online Homework on Class Productivity
J. R. Dodson

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Application of the First Law of Thermodynamics to the Adiabatic Processes of an Ideal Gas: Physics Teacher Candidates' Opinions
S. Gonen

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Professional Journals as a Source of Information about Teaching NOS: An Examination of Articles Published in Science & Children, 1996-2010
S. Cite, D. L. Hanuscin

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A Conceptual Change Model for Teaching Heat Energy, Heat Transfer and Insulation
C. K. Lee

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Salient Beliefs of Pre-service Primary School Teachers Underlying an Attitude "Liking or Disliking Physics" 
S. Kapucu

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