Volume 26 Issue 3 September (2015)


Jack Holbrook, Baohui H. Zhang

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Examining Curriculum Related Progress Using a Context-based Test Instrument- A Comparison of Estonian Grade 10 and 11 Students
R. Soobard, M. Rannikmäe

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A SEM Model in Assessing the Effect of Convergent, Divergent and Logical Thinking on Students' Understanding of Chemical Phenomena
D. Stamovlasis, N. Kypraios, G. Papageorgiou

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Reconceptualising Science Education Practices from New Literacies Research
K. S. Tang

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Cross-grade Comparison of Students' Conceptual Understanding with Lenses in Geometric Optics
G. Tural

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Teachers' Awareness and Perceived Effectiveness of Instructional Activities in relation to the Allocation of Time in the Classroom
S. Kaya, Z. Kablan, B. B. Akaydin, D. Demir

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Factors Impacting on Teachers' Job Satisfaction related to Science Teaching: A Mixed Methods Study
S. Song, M. Mustafa

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A Study of the Effect of Affective and Social Factors on Teaching for Conceptual Change in Primary Science
P. Pimthong

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Environmental Literacy Comparison between Students taught in Eco-Schools and Ordinary Schools in the Madeira Island Region of Portugal
H. Spínola

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