Volume 28 Issue 2 June (2017)



Steven Sexton

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Natural History Dioramas: An Opportunity for Children to Observe Science in Action in a Moment of Time

Eirini Gkouskou, Sue Dale Tunnicliffe

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Open Classes to Local Communities: A Reflection Analysis of a School Environmental Project

Maria Kalathaki

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An Associational Research on Turkish Children’s Environmentally Responsible Behaviors, Nature Relatedness, and Motive Concerns

Fatma Bahar, Elvan Sahin

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The Views of Turkish Science Teachers about Gender Equity within Science Education

Şahin İdin, İsmail Dönmez

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Scientific Skills and Concept Learning by Rural Women for Personal and National Development

Felicia Onyemowo Agbo, Ali. A. Muluku Isa

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Effects of Teaching Gardening on Science Students’ Attitudes toward Entrepreneurial Skills Acquisition in Jos South, Plateau State, Nigeria

Dimlong Charity, Bernadette Ebele Ozoji, Florence Osaze Osasebor, Suleiman Ibn Umar

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Assessment of College Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Solid Waste Management in North Central Zone of Nigeria

Mohammed Dauda Dung, Mangut Mankilik, Bernadette Ebele Ozoji

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An Explorative Study on the Null Secondary Science Curriculum in Bangladesh

Tapashi Binte Mahmud Chowdhury, Mohammad Nure Alam Siddique

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Organization of Contents in Intended Junior Secondary Science Curriculum of Bangladesh: An Explorative Study

Kalyani Bain, Mohammad Nure Alam Siddique

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Improvement and Evaluation of Copper Oxidation Experimental Procedure for the Introduction of the Law of Definite Proportion

Shuichi Yamashita, Yasuyuki Kashiwaguma, Hideko Hayashi, Verena Pietzner

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Promoting Reflexive Thinking and Adaptive Expertise Through Video Capturing to Challenge Postgraduate Primary Student Teachers to Think, Know, Feel, and Act Like a Teacher

Steven S Sexton, Sandra Williamson-Leadley

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