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Volume 27 Issue 2 June (2016)



Jack Holbrook, Baohui H. Zhang

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An Investigation of Science Educators' View of Roles and Responsibilities for Climate Change Education

J. Randy Mcginnis , Chris Mcdonald, Emily Hestness, Wayne Breslyn

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Identifying Characteristics of Science Teaching/Learning Materials Promoting Students’ Intrinsic Relevance

Tormi Kotkas, Jack Holbrook, Miia Rannikmäe

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An Analysis of Pre-service Elementary Teachers’ Understanding of Inquiry-based Science Teaching

Carole K. Lee, Marilyn Shea

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Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Views about Nuclear Energy with Respect to Gender and University Providing Instruction

H. Ates , M. Saracoglu

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Evaluating High School Students’ Conceptions of the Relationship between Mathematics and Physics: Development of A Questionnaire

S. Kapucu , M. F. Öçal, M. Şimşek

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How Aware Are Teachers of Students’ Misconceptions in Astronomy? A Qualitative Analysis in Belgium

M. Cox , A. Steegen , M. De Cock

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Devising A Structural Equation Model of Relationships between Preservice Teachers' Time and Study Environment Management, Effort Regulation, Self-efficacy, Control of Learning Beliefs, and Metacognitive Self-Regulation

Ş.Şen, A.Yılmaz

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