Volume 27 Issue 1 March (2016)


Jack Holbrook, Baohui H. Zhang

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The Investigation of Preservice Science Teachers' Critical Thinking Dispositions in the Context of Personal and Social Factors
A. Akgun, U. Duruk

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The Effectiveness of a Guided Inquiry-Based, Teachers' Professional Development Programme on Saudi Students' Understanding of Density
S. Almuntasheri, R. M. Gillies, T. Wright

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Adolescents' and Emerging Adults' Implicit Attitudes about STEM Careers: "Science is Not Creative"
S. S. Valenti, A. M. Masnick, B. D. Cox, C. J. Osman

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Devising an Instrument for Determining Students' Preparedness for an Education through Science Learning Approach within the Topic of Natural Hazards
D. Cerulli, J. Holbrook, U. Mander

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Preservice Teachers' Mental Models of Basic Astronomy Concepts
A. Saglam Arslan, U. Durikan

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Patterns of Reasoning about Ecological Systemic Reasoning for Early Elementary Students
H. Hokayem

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Investigating Gifted Middle School Students' Images about Scientists: A Cultural Similarity Perspective
N. Bayri, M. S. Koksal, P. Ertekin

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Literacy and Arts-Integrated Science Lessons Engage Urban Elementary Students in Exploring Environmental Issues
P. Gray, C. F. Elser, J. L. Klein, A. C. Rule

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